The IZTECH’ s key objectives

The IZTECH’ s key objectives are:

  • to inspire changes improving legal conditions relating to development of high technologies
  • to counsel and advise in organizational-legal, financial and technological matters
  • to support companies in first stage of theirs activity
  • to strengthen cooperation between entrepreneur and scientists
  • to commercialize results of scientific research
  • to support IZTECH’s member which apply for EU structural funds
  • to cooperate with companies, universities and high schools, research institutes as well financial institutions
  • to promote results of scientific research and enterprise related to high technology
  • to promote achievements and inventions of IZTECH’s members
  • to provide protection for industrial and intellectual property abroad (in foreign legal system)
  • to promote products and services provided by IZTECH’s members
  • to provide marketing activity for our members
  • to organize exhibitions and expositions
  • to furnish an expertise or an expert opinion concerning technology, products and services
  • to arrange professional trainings and schooling
  • to promote and support University spin-off companies
  • to research into technological development perspectives
  • to publish materials concerning high technologies.